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Mining Disasters Related to Earthquakes?

April 7, 2010

As a former resident of Los Angeles and a survivor of the 1994 Northridge quake, my “earthquake antennae” are always on.  Ongoing discussions with friends about these quakes brought something else to my attention – the China and W. Virginia mining disasters.  Could the spate of recent major earthquakes and the mining disasters be related? After all, mining is conducted underground. Granted, mining is a dangerous business and there will always be safety issues – how could there not be?  But, I am suggesting that additional causes for the disasters should be investigated.

On a whim, I looked at the USGS earthquake website, and guess what?  There WAS a 3.4 earthquake in W. Virginia on April 4th, less than 100 miles from where the April 5th mining disaster occurred. Is it a coincidence?  I’m thinking it’s not.

I also looked for information on earthquakes in China in the days preceding the mine flood in Shanxi province on March 28th.   There were two quakes listed on March 24th in the Xizang-Qinghai region.  One was a 5.5 and the other was a 5.7 magnitude.  I could not tell the distance between the locations, and there may well be no connection.

As we all know, there are too many large quakes happening around the world.  The earth is shifting more than it has in recent memory, and I don’t see how these recent underground disasters could not be related to all this seismic activity.  Don’t forget about the volcano eruption in Iceland, either.  C’mon, folks.  Mother Earth is not a happy camper. Something big is brewing underground.  I’m not suggesting Armageddon, but rather that the planet is in the process of redesigning itself much like it did millions of years ago.

As Sherlock Holmes would say “the game is afoot” and now more than ever we need to pay attention to all the details.  The clues are right in front of us. Global warming, flooding and drought are all just a part of whatever else it is that is going on with our home – Planet Earth.

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