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The Flipside of the Information Overload Coin

June 7, 2011

The other side of the information overload coin is failing to take advantage of the available sources to bring attention and drive customers to your business. Just having a website and paying a search engine fee to place you nearer the top of the list doesn’t mean squat in the global marketplace. You have to present yourself as a brand that people search out.  You have to be a player in the Internet marketing universe and to do that you must put the available tools to good use.

Think of it this way.  Remember buying that first desktop computer for your business?  You were so excited because you had a computer.  Well, that excitement wore off when you had to figure out what to do with it.  It was useless just sitting there.  Well, the Internet is the same.  Your company’s CEO or President was just as excited when he announced “we have a website”. Well, that’s great but it’s a static entity. And just like that first computer, it’s useless unless you understand how to take advantage of the resources it offers you. 

If you still think in terms of plain white paper mass mailing marketing, you have been left in the dust.  You have to think outside the box of resource wasting postage, post cards and paper, which end up in the trash bin. If you are thinking what is she talking about, I hate to tell you that web savvy businesses are way ahead of you, pushing their brand onto the World Wide Web. 

Embracing and actively participating in social media and mobile technology is a requirement to achieving success in the global marketplace.  Your website needs to display well on smartphones and tablets as an ‘m’ version.  What does that mean?  The ‘m’ version is scaled to fit a smartphone screen with an Internet address that begins with an ‘m’ instead of ‘www’, such as ‘’ versus ‘’.  If you engage in e-commerce you need to have a smartphone app for that as well.

If you think all social media sites should be blocked from your company’s computers, think again.  Many of these sites are useful research and business tools, rather than time wasters.  Let’s say your company is rated highest in customer satisfaction the third year in a row.  This is news and is expensive to share via traditional advertising and marketing methods.  If the news were tweeted or shared across social media it would have immediate impact and cost nothing but time. The possibilities for getting your brand out there are limitless.

I suggest visiting to get an idea of what is going on in the World Wide Web universe from a business viewpoint.  I also recommend looking at, which is a location based web app that lets participants check-in at various local businesses. When the participant checks in, details about that business are automatically shared with their social group and can include an incentive to encourage group members to also check out the business. This is just one example of what is already here and presages what is coming down the road.

These comments may seem obvious to many of you, but for every one of you there are dozens of companies who lag far behind in technology and Internet savvy.