Volcanoes and Sleeping Dogs

In my previous post I said “Don’t forget about the volcano eruption in Iceland, either.”  And what happened?  We let the sleeping dog lie and look at the state of the planet now!  Like the continuing earthquakes, maybe we’ll have continuing volcanic eruptions.  There are a number of other volcanoes around the planet just waiting to blow again.  How about Popocatepetl in Mexico, or Mount St. Helens in the U.S.?  The link below shows active volcanoes around the world.


No doubt the travel interruption from the giant ash clouds will continue long enough to put several other airlines out of business.  Instead of seeing this as a doom and gloom situation, look at it as an opportunity to merge and/or diversify.  This is an opportunity to create multifaceted transportation companies, not like to like conglomerates.  For example, merge train/bus/car rental and hotel companies with an airline company – don’t merge 2 or 3 airlines into one company.  Existing travel websites already take into account the traveler’s requirements, and offer options to choose between rail/bus/air/rental car and hotel.  Why not make it easier for the customer and combine those choices under one company umbrella?  Start looking into it now while choices exist before the world economy makes it a necessity and not an option.

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7 Responses to “Volcanoes and Sleeping Dogs”

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